Saturday, May 2, 2009

Begging Chance

Molly wished hard and dropped the origami paper cranes into the goldfish pond. "They float, he comes, they sink, he doesn't, but they will surely sink", she prepared herself, staring intently at the stiff white creatures.

The pond was making fishy noises, like bubble and droplet sounds. The clouds swam in sidestrokes across the sun. She pulled her knees in closer to her tummy and scowled as the birds began to contort and blur. She listened hard for the car. If he comes, I'll pray, I'll be nicer, I'll stop asking for things. Just let him. Let. Him. Come!

The spaces behind the heads and in between the wings now were pools of slimy water, and the necks turned, broken, in all kinds of wrong directions until the bodies had fully submerged.

"I knew they would sink. Why do you think I put them in the water? I made them sink!" she whispered furiously to her reflection.

Who needs him, she thought, and tomorrow we will make him not come again. Well, maybe we will give him another chance. If it rains tomorrow, he will come.


  1. Beautiful banner: its translucence captivates me, calms me, saddens me...
    So is your prose! Your words are simple yet graceful and stirring....such gorgeous fluidity. You are a gifted writer! Wow! I am so proud of you! :-)

  2. Wow, I don't think I will ever not be amazed at your magical ability with words. So visual, so captivating, so beautiful, I'm hooked

  3. sheila you are gifted, you really are. i have lots of questions to ask you about what you right if you will care to answer them...

    what struck me was: "maybe we will give him another chance"

  4. "The clouds swam in sidestrokes across the sun." What a perfectly beautiful image!

    I think you've captured the hopeless hope exquisitely. I've been there.